The festival of firsts Teknofest opens its doors with colorful events this year as well. One of the most interesting participants of the festival is the GoArt Metaverse application, which makes time travel possible in a fictional universe…


Turkey's first and only aviation, space and technology festival Teknofest starts on Tuesday, September 21 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The festival, which will continue until Sunday, September 26, will host many activities such as technology competitions, air-shows, concerts, various events and interviews.


The number of visitors and participants in Teknofest, which has been held since 2018, have increased exponentially every passing year. In the first year, more than 4 thousand teams and 20 thousand young people applied to the technology competitions held in 14 different categories. More than 20 thousand teams and 100 thousand young people applied to the competitions in 21 categories at Teknofest, which was held in Gaziantep last year. In respect of this year, the number of competition categories increased to 36.


CEO of Roof Stacks Burak Soylu: GoArt Metaverse, the world's first AR-based metaverse application!

Roof Stacks company will be one of the most crowd-pulling participants of Teknofest, which hosts various colorful events. Regarding Goart Metaverse, one of the ambitious products that the company will present at Teknofest, in the statement that CEO of Roof Stacks Burak Soylu made, he said that the GoArt Metaverse application, which he referred to as the digital past twin of the physical universe, was currently the first metaverse in the world that works with AR-based. Pointing out that companies such as Facebook, Niantic, Fortnite, and Epic Games announced in the last 6 months that they would newly start investing in Metaverse, Soylu noted that Roof Stacks' R&D studies, which lasted for 4 years, was successfully completed. Burak Soylu stated that the first version of the GoArt Metaverse application, developed by Roof Stacks, in an area where world technology giants just started to invest, had been offered to the end-users in stores in July.


Soylu underlined that through GoArt Metaverse, the user had the opportunity to travel in time with the digital twins of the objects, people and cities in their location by changing dimensions between the physical universe and the metaverse, without needing any extra hardware other than their mobile device. Remarking that users who passed through the time portal could witness the history of cultural heritage sites in company with Evliya Çelebi, Soylu invited everyone who would like to enjoy that experience to the Teknofest area.