We Continue to Design the Future

09 November 2020
Our team in America is approaching their goals step by step...

Show Türk was a guest at Roof Stacks

13 October 2020
Roof Stacks Deputy General Manager Yusuf Bahadır made statements about our projects in the Sehri Gündem program on Show Türk channel.

Looking for the Name of Our New Mascot

09 October 2020
As Roof Stacks, we are looking for a name for our own production and original work, the Dragon Mascot. While creative ideas emerged in the work of our teammates in the form of brainstorming, we also experienced fun moments together.

Roof Stacks USA Team Starts Office Work

09 October 2020
Roof Stacks USA Team Starts Office Work
Roof Stacks' US team, which switched from home to work during the pandemic, returned to office work at the beginning of September.

GoArt makes time travel possible

08 October 2020

It is told with animations showing the periods of historical places, you see every detail from the real-time climate you live in to the hour in the application. The GoArt project, which you will find yourself passing through a living history door at once, is a unique application born in Turkey. Burak Soylu, CEO of Roof Stacks, who has developed a new groundbreaking technology under the guidance of tourism, describes the Ticket Shop platform that makes an ambitious exit in GoArt and online ticketing...

Explore a Planet Where you can Travel 360 Degrees

11 August 2020

Atty. Burak Soylu explained the GoArt Project and City Of GoArt works produced by Roof Stacks, a software company located in the Informatics Valley.

GoArt wind at Teknofest

21 July 2020

Tourism and specializing in defense systems Roof Stacks, Turkey Informatics Valley operates in Gebze Technopark. Roof Stacks, constantly improving and renewing itself, is about to impress the whole world with its latest project GoArt.

Roof Stacks CEO Atty. Burak Soylu was a Live Broadcast Guest on Akit TV

22 October 2020

Roof Stacks CEO Burak Soylu was a guest of the Night Agency Program presented live by Serkan Aksarı on Akit TV.