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İlker Selim Zorluoglu the CSO of Roofstacks made a guest appearance on APara channel’s program “Başarının Anahtarı

17 February 2022
''İlker Selim Zorluoglu the CSO of Roofstacks made a guest appearance on APara channel’s program “Başarının Anahtarı”. On this program where topics such as education and metaverse, how metaverse technologies will shape the education world and the new generation education models which the Web 3.0 era will create were discussed.

A Mirror Universe: Metaverse

07 October 2021
A Mirror Universe: Metaverse
Metaverse presents an unfamiliar state of the internet, game world, fashion, art and entertainment. Maybe, in future, there will be multiple parallel universes, multiple mirror worlds, multiple virtual planets. Integrated metaverses. And perhaps, a multiverse…

We Ranked 2nd In Tourism Category And 68th In Software Category Among The Top 500 Companies!

20 September 2021
We Ranked 2nd In Tourism Category, 68th In Software Category Among The Top 500 Companis Defined As “Unicorns Of Tomorrow” From Turkish Manufacturer Companies.

Metaverse Cracks Its Portals Open At Teknofest!

20 September 2021
Metaverse Cracks Its Portals Open At Teknofest!
The festival of firsts Teknofest opens its doors with colorful events this year as well. One of the most interesting participants of the festival is the GoArt Metaverse application, which makes time travel possible in a fictional universe…

Information and Consultation Meeting

17 September 2021
Information and Consultation Meeting
Roof Stacks’s CEO Burak Soylu came together with RoofTickets, RoofGames and RoofXR units at the quarterly "Information and Consultation Meeting" to share current developments on team&company goals and performance indicators.

Goart Metaverse Dıgıtal Unıverse Is Introduced In Ankara

15 September 2021

Organized under the auspices of The Union of Municipalities of Turkey, 'Youth Friendly Cities Congress and Exhibition' was held at Ankara ATO Congresium Congress Center on 24-25 August, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also attended the event.

A New Dimension in Reality: METAVERSE by Roof Stacks, CEO, Burak Soylu

09 September 2021

What is reality? Are things perceived by scientists, to our senses accepted as reality, or are there also things that we cannot perceive with our senses? The fact that the relationship between perception and memory is open to the influence of internal and external factors complicates the processes of reality, perception of reality and definition of this perception.

GoArt Makes Time Travel Possible

20 May 2021

GoArt, our mobile virtual tourist guide app enables explorers to travel to the past by utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology, where they can witness to history.

We Donated Saplings to Tema Foundation

23 December 2020

As RoofStacks family, we donated 66 saplings to Tema Foundation on behalf of our employees. We wish you a healthy and successful new year with new hopes!

The History of GoArt

20 November 2020

GoArt is an application that combines history and technology. It is defined as a digital revolution in tourism, introducing the audience with historical AR.

We Continue to Design the Future

09 November 2020

Our team in America is approaching their goals step by step...

Roof Stacks was on Show TV Channel

13 October 2020

Roof Stacks Deputy General Manager Yusuf Bahadır made statements about our projects in the Şehri Gündem program on Show TV channel.

Creating a Name for Our New Mascot

09 October 2020

As Roof Stacks, we are finding a name for our own new production, the Dragon Mascot. Creative ideas emerged in the brainstorming session of our teammates.

Our USA Team Returned to Office

09 October 2020

Roof Stacks US team, switched home from office, returned to the office again at the beginning of September. We have increased our measures during the pandemic.

GoArt makes time travel possible

08 October 2020

It is told with animations showing the periods of historical places, you see every detail from the real-time climate you live in to the hour in the application. The GoArt project, which you will find yourself passing through a living history door at once, is a unique application born in Turkey. Burak Soylu, CEO of Roof Stacks, who has developed a new groundbreaking technology under the guidance of tourism, describes the Ticket Shop platform that makes an ambitious exit in GoArt and online ticketing...

Explore GoArt to Travel 360°

11 August 2020

Atty. Burak Soylu explained the GoArt Project and City Of GoArt works produced by Roof Stacks, a software company located in the Informatics Valley.

GoArt Wind at Teknofest!

21 July 2020

Tourism and specializing in defense systems Roof Stacks, Turkey Informatics Valley operates in Gebze Technopark. Roof Stacks, constantly improving and renewing itself, is about to impress the whole world with its latest project GoArt.

Roof Stacks CEO Burak Soylu Was Live on Akit TV

22 October 2020

Roof Stacks CEO Burak Soylu was a guest of the Night Agency Program presented live by Serkan Aksarı on Akit TV.