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Roof Stacks is a versatile organization that has taken its place in the global market in the field of information.

Roof Stacks, which has offices in Turkey and the USA, aims to bring the user experience to extraordinary points with the projects it has developed.

Our vision is to design tomorrow and interpret the future from today.


Turkey's leading online ticket sales portal Ticket Shop is our work. You can easily buy all tourism tickets, such as airline tickets, hotels and insurance transactions.

We aim to combine traditional payment methods with next-generation payment methods. We are developing innovative payment methods with our easy-to-integrate RoofPay and Ethereum-based GoArc coin.

We are at the point where information meets software and art. In this respect, we provide the opportunity to travel back in time with our Augmented Reality application, GoArt. In addition, we aim to reach the top positions in the gaming sector globally.

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