It is told with animations showing the periods of historical places, you see every detail from the real-time climate you live in to the hour in the application. The GoArt project, which you will find yourself passing through a living history door at once, is a unique application born in Turkey. Burak Soylu, CEO of Roof Stacks, who has developed a new groundbreaking technology under the guidance of tourism, describes the Ticket Shop platform that makes an ambitious exit in GoArt and online ticketing...

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Elazığ in 1988. I graduated from İstanbul Kültür University Faculty of Law. Although I have received the attorney and notarial documents, I put aside my profession for now and continue my studies in the business world where I have been in since I was a student.

I currently chair the board of six companies under the umbrella of HAR Group, which brings together our technology-oriented initiatives.

Roof Stacks, one of our group companies, is a purebred technology company. Roof Stacks is one of the first domestic IT companies to emerge from the Turkish IT Valley. Earlier this year, we also established an R&D laboratory in Austin, America. We share the same ecosystem with companies such as technology giants, Google, Apple and Dell. In addition, our offices will soon be active in Canada and the Netherlands in May.

We produce technology with RoofStacks. Ticket Shop is just one of our technological products. Our most ambitious project is GoArt, which enables traveling back in time with augmented reality technology.

Will you please tell us more about it? What is GoArt?

Contrary to Stephen Hawking's words, "Journey to the past is not possible, but a journey to the future is possible," we created a virtual galaxy that shows that this is possible. GoArt is the first world in this galaxy. The planet GoArt we produce is a world where the past events are collected as data. Imagine a world where Evliya Çelebi and other travelers show you around. Here, GoArt offers a technology where these phenomena come together and dreams meet history and the future.

How much data are we talking about? How much of a country?

There will be places all over the world where historic and tourist sights say, "I wonder what happened here?" With a position-based technology, we implement an application that makes time travel possible. The planet of GoArt offers you a world that lives by artificial intelligence algorithms. It works like this: For example, you went somewhere at 6 in the morning. You will see it in the morning. If it is raining in real time, it will also rain in the world of GoArt.

In our first prototype, we represent the 365-day cycle in 120 minutes. The cycle that occurs over a year occurs within 120 minutes. People and events depicted in fiction begin to work uniquely thanks to AI algorithms. You see the people who form within this 120-minute cycle once. Thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms that control every character and environment, we were able to produce a product such as tourism's streaming service.

How soon?

We estimated a total of about four years. Naturally, we have experienced many difficulties because it is a product that has not been studied in R&D in the world before. But

our team is working nonstop and we are seriously dealing with even the slightest mismatch. This way it will be operational in May.

Will such artificial intelligence set an example for other technology companies?

Yes. The tech giants are communicating with us, they want to move forward with us. But we do not want to hand over our future ahead of time. We are making serious investments in GoArt and we will bring our application to light in a short time.

Apart from this project, do you have different artificial intelligence location based mapping projects?

Roof Stacks incorporates payment systems, artificial intelligence and gaming teams. Within the scope of our business philosophy, we aim these initiatives that we have created using Artificial Intelligence to carry out their development on their own. This approach is definitely included in every technology we develop.

GoArt uses a technology that creates all its characters with AI. Apart from this, we have Ticket Shop, payment systems and games that we have developed. In 2020, we included 6 game launches in our program. Roof Stacks evolves more like an organism than an organization. We are taking firm steps towards achieving our dreams.

How many R&D teams are there?

We have a team of 30, seven of them senior experts.