A Mirror Universe: Metaverse


The term metaverse was first used by American author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. According to this, Metaverse, beyond the universe we live in and the reality we live in, defines a fictional universe whose boundaries are determined by imagination and whose construction has already begun. In 2021, we started to hear the name of this universe more often, which we have already gradually entered with cryptocurrencies, NFT coins and digital artworks, AR/VR applications and games. There were two reasons for this.


Digital Transformation With The Pandemic


The first reason was determined by user preferences and orientations. Especially during the pandemic process, our daily life has become more digital. Children (3-11 years old), adolescents (12-17 years old) and young (17-25 years old) users who direct this digital transformation started to spend more time with computers, mobile phones and tablets, to escape from the real world more often, and to seek more satisfying pursuits in the virtual universe. The spaces and objects created by the applications and games were not enough for them. So they started to produce their own objects and to build their own spaces.


They even entered this universe with AR/VR technologies. In 2020, 12 million people attended a rap concert in a game with their avatars. An NFT work, which is a digital photo (jpeg), was sold for $69 million in the past months. The young people who bought it also announced that they will exhibit the work in a virtual exhibition hall in the near future.


Fashion and clothing brands such as Gucci have started to develop technologies where some of the products you buy can also be used in the virtual universe. In other words, when you go to a concert with your avatar, the brands in your real life will be able to accompany you. It seems that the Metaverse will not only host us, but will also be a reflection of things that belong to us. A mirror universe...


New Investment Area of Technology Giants


The second reason is that big companies like Facebook have invested billions of dollars in the metaverse years ago. For example, Facebook bought the VR company Oculus for $2 billion in 2014 and has continually improved this product. Epic Games offered its players a crafting feature in the 6th season of Fortnite. This means that the users will construct and build the alternative universe.


Metaverse presents an unfamiliar state of the internet, game world, fashion, art and entertainment. Maybe, in future, there will be multiple parallel universes, multiple mirror worlds, multiple virtual planets. Integrated metaverses. And perhaps, a multiverse…