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Roofstacks is a versatile organization that has taken its place in the global market in the field of information.

Roofstacks, which has offices in Turkey and the USA, aims to bring the user experience to extraordinary points with the projects it has developed.

Our vision is to design tomorrow and interpret the future from today.


Innovating Travel: Seamless, Smart, Secure

Roof Travel provides the technological infrastructure for our B2B and B2C platforms for tourism.

Next-Gen Fintech and Blockchain Services

Roof Money bridges the traditional and the new, offering advanced financial solutions that enhance existing systems through innovative blockchain services. 3 main banks that having our partners.

Where High-End Tech Meets Artistry

Roof Games harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide businesses with innovative gamification solutions.

Time travel is possible

GoArt, one of the most ambitious projects in the field of Metaverse, is a significant brand within the Har Group. Developed with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, GoArt is designed as a digital planet with its own lifecycle. It lays the digital foundations for the dream of time travel. The GoArt Metaverse platform, brought to life by Roofstacks, is a unique application that combines history, tourism, and technology.

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