Motion Graphic Designer

Skils and Experience

  • Preferably to graduate from graphic design, animation or related departments,
  • To be able to perform 2D animation,
  • Good level at After Effects, Adobe Premiere,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
  • To be able to use the third-party plugins well,
  • Preferably able to model in 3D,


  • Produce animations by using videos, graphics, 3D video outputs, etc.
  • To be able to draw storyboard when it is necessary,
  • To be able to provide practical and creative solutions to improve user acquisition and interaction activities,
  • Create the best possible videos and images for our users
  • Participate in the stages of developing products, environment and processes outside the scope of the business,
  • To be able to collaborate on a design vision,
  • To create and direct various research and testing requirements,

Communication Methods

  • To be able to convey ideas easily,
  • To be in professional communication with each stakeholder,
  • To be clear, short, open and persuasive in all kinds of communication,
  • To detect problems in advance and resolve them without personalization,
  • Communication with the developer team


  • To help the team put together a better quality and sustainable product,
  • To be able to offer practical solutions with solution focus,
  • To direct all kinds of technical and non-technical communication negotiations in a way that results in a positive outcome.
  • To know team, task and/or customer issues and cooperate with relevant managers when necessary to quickly prevent or resolve them,
  • To act with common sense in solving the problem.