Level Designer

We aim to build a special team who will have fun while developing games together. We are looking for a talented and experienced Level Designer who will contribute to our Hyper-Casual Game Development network and become a member of the development team for our Casual Games.

We're Looking for Someone To:

  • Design well-balanced and fun levels.
  • Test and balance level structures.
  • Review user feedback and interpret data regarding the feedbacks
  • Think of new features and implement them for better user experience.

Skills & Experience:

  • Game design/level design experience on published projects
  • Building and testing the content quickly
  • Visualize basic items and architectural structure

Communication Methods:

  • Ability to convey ideas easily,
  • Ability to have professional communication with each stakeholder,
  • Ability to be clear, short, open and persuasive in all kinds of communication,
  • Ability to detect problems and solving them in the very beginning


  • Ability to help the team while creating a sustainable product with higher quality,
  • Ability to offer practical solutions with solution-oriented thinking,
  • Ability to direct all kinds of technical and non-technical negotiations in a way that results with a positive outcome.
  • Ability to have a good grasp of team, task and/or customer issues and collaborate with relevant managers when necessary, and to swiftly prevent or resolve these,
  • Ability to act with common sense while solving the problems.