Front-end Developer

We are seeking an experienced front-end developer responsible for building high performance user interfaces (web or mobile) for travel (flights, hotels, transfer etc.) projects.


  • Design, build and operate a modern web front-end
  • Co-operate with product designers to create great user experiences
  • Deliver bug free and fully functional features and products that are well tested and based on user requirements.

Skils and Experience:

  • Excellent educational background in computer science, or other similar quantitative field
  • Years of industry experience as a Frontend Developers working mainly with angular framework.
  • Experienced with a modern frontend stack including Angular, NodeJS, Webpack, ES6/TypeScript, CSS3/HTML5
  • Solid software engineering skills for prototype development and the implementation of experimental setups
  • Unit Testing mocking frameworks are familiar concepts to you
  • Practical knowledge of Firebase, CI/CD and are not afraid of deploying and operating your application.


  • Humility and a learning mindset
  • Listening to understand
  • Written, verbal, and visual communication skills
  • Reflective
  • Responsible and takes ownership over work

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