Product Designer

Product Responsibilities;

  • Being able to use concept maps, connection diagrams, flows and other methods that accurately reflect and describing the problem area
  • Identifying risks at different stages of product development
  • Easily assemble the building blocks of a complete product
  • Participating in the stages of developing products, environments and processes outside the scope of work
  • Fully understanding the needs of the customer and to create a product vision accordingly
  • Ability to collaborate on a design vision
  • Creating and guiding various research and testing requirements
  • Making architectural decisions or supporting decision making taking into account concerns such as infrastructure, identity management, security, scalability, concurrency and sustainability

Working Methods

  • Achieving a self-learning level in agile development steps
  • Being able to support writing user stories with agile applications
  • Actively follow the progress of our team by taking into account the objectives and constraints of the project with agile practices
  • Be aware of all processes of the team
  • Moving confidently to moderately risky environments with little prior knowledge and insight
  • Evaluating risks in a transparent manner, make recommendations, proceed appropriately and address outcomes throughout the process
  • Being able to divide problems into smaller and manageable parts by conducting root cause analysis
  • Developing products with methods such as MVP, DoD, Roi, MoSCoW, Canoe
  • Backlog improvement processes according to INVEST and DEEP CRITERIA
  • Working with multitasking
  • UI/UX perspective
  • Write “Acceptance criteria” for user stories
  • Writing acceptance tests

Communication Methods;

  • Being able to convey ideas easily
  • Being in professional communication with each stakeholder
  • Accepting that change is inevitable and ensuring that the team accepts the conditions
  • Being clear, short, clear and persuasive in all kinds of communication
  • Identifying problems in advance and solving them without personalization
  • Communication with the development team


  • Helping the team produce a better quality and sustainable product together
  • Being able to offer practical solutions withsolution-oriented
  • Being able to direct all kinds of technical and non-technical communication interviews in a way that will result in positive results
  • Being aware of team, task and/or customer issues and collaborates with relevant managers when necessary to quickly prevent or resolve them
  • Acting with common sense in solving the problem