Innovative Technologies Improving

Innovating Travel: Seamless, Smart, Secure

Roof Travel provides the technological infrastructure for our B2B and B2C platforms for tourism.

Next-Gen Fintech and Blockchain Services

Roof Money bridges the traditional and the new, offering advanced financial solutions that enhance existing systems through innovative blockchain services. 3 main banks that having our partners.

Where High-End Tech Meets Artistry

Roof Games harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide businesses with innovative gamification solutions.

Time travel is possible

GoArt, one of the most ambitious projects in the field of Metaverse, is a significant brand within the Har Group. Developed with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, GoArt is designed as a digital planet with its own lifecycle. It lays the digital foundations for the dream of time travel. The GoArt Metaverse platform, brought to life by Roofstacks, is a unique application that combines history, tourism, and technology.

it continues to grow with technology-oriented investments by producing projects in many specific fields.