Data Analysis Careers

Data Analytics Developer

We are seeking an experienced software developer responsible for building advanced data analytics projects. You will engage in creating bold research experiments with today's most exciting approaches such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Mining to tackle important customer problems.


  • Conceptualize, implement and evaluate state -of-the-art algorithmic solutions that optimize and automate business processes related to our project
  • Conduct applied research to model complex dependency and unlock the value of data using statistical inference and predictive modelling

Skils and Experience

  • Excellent educational background in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or other similar quantitative field
  • Sound the oretical knowledge about machine learning, non-linear optimization and computational statistics as well as knowing best practices in your application
  • Solid software engineering skills for prototype development and the implementation of experimental setups
  • Strong experience with Python, and machine learning related libraries such as scikit-learn, Tensor Flow, Keras, panda
  • Ability to communicate results clearly to both colleagues and peers on the team as well as less technically versed audiences


  • Humility and a learning mindset
  • Listening to understand
  • Written, verbal, and visual communication skills
  • Reflective
  • Responsible and takes ownership over work